Responsibilities and Planning

Most electrical and gas lines are located 600mm below ground level causing no problem.

As much care as possible will be taken during the procedure however it is the customers/property owner's direct responsibility to inform us of any under ground services.

Stumps R us accept no liability for any damage caused to these services during the stump grinding process.

If and when possible, the customer/property owner should try to locate the -

  • Water mains
  • Electricity
  • Gas lines
  • Phone lines
  • Sewer/drainage pipes
  • Irrigation
  • Swimming pool pipes

Many of these services can run beneath stumps and cannot be seen by the person quoting the job.

Exposing any shallow services and/or hazards by carefully hand digging is a good way to ensure nothing is damaged prior to stump grinding. It also allocates a potential hazard.

Removal of stone and/or weed mat from around the stumps is recommended as this will reduce the cost.

Stumps R Us are fully Insured with a Two million-dollar Public liability insurance for stump grinding and tree work.

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