All Stump Removal is done with machinery designed specifically for stump grinding. All our machinery is petrol powered so there are no electrical leads involved.

The machine cuts the stump out by shredding it from one side through to the other, producing grindings which are raked back into the hole where the stump was.

All grindings produced by the stump grinder will remain on site unless the customer/property owner specifically requests the removal of grindings off site prior to quotation.

This equipment will grind through the stump and into the soil to depths up to 500mm (half a meter). In most cases this depth is not required unless specified by the customer for construction purposes or replanting-click. The standard grinding depth is 150mm below the ground level saving time and money.

Regardless of size, all stumps are made of wood so there is no size limit to what we can grind out however the larger the stump, the longer it will take to grind out and will be quoted appropriately prior to doing the job.

The machine is capable of getting through gates no less than 800mm wide. It is capable of traveling over rugged terrain, as it is self-driven with air inflated tractor tyres. Click here for more Accessibility info.

What can be ground?

  • Tree Stumps
  • Bamboo Stumps
  • Tree roots
  • Yuccas
  • Agapanthus
  • All palms
  • Flax cut short

Our machinery is designed to grind stumps that are still in the ground. Loose stumps that have been dug out cannot be ground.

What cannot be Ground?

  • Rocks
  • Wire
  • Stone
  • Steel
  • Weed Mat
  • Concrete
  • Sand
  • Bricks
  • Loose Stumps
  • Long Flax
  • Pipes
  • Irrigation

The cutting teeth on the machine are tungsten carbide which is a very hard but brittle material, making them vulnerable to breakage when in contact with some of the materials listed above.

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